This is the homepage of Morten Green and Peter Albrechtsen.

We love the wonderful world of audio – bringing stories to life through the ears. We graduated together as sound designers from the Danish Film School in 2001 and have since then worked on feature films, short films, documentaries, tv-series, commercials, art installations, VR, radio and much, much more.

Among our many award winning feature film credits are movies like A War, Godless, Reconstruction, The Idealist, In the Blood and Darkland. We work both separately and together and we always try to give each project its own unique sonic identity.

Our sound studios are┬ábased in the centre of Copenhagen where we have facilities for both sound editing and ADR recording. We’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great directors and clients and it’s always a pleasure welcoming both old friends and new people here.




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